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Can you help me to choose and fit the right mirror?

We sell 4 types of mirror, these are: Silver or Normal Mirror Bronze Mirror Grey Mirror Antique Mirror All our mirrors are supplied in 2 thicknesses i.e. 4mm and 6mm. There is no difference in the reflective quality of the thicknesses, however 6mm is heavier, stronger and more expensive than 4mm.

Our mirrors can be made to measure and as such can be made to your own sizes, providing you with a unique bespoke mirror. For a really accurately measured close fitting mirror we offer a measuring and fitting service, where we will come to you to take accurate measurements, then after the mirror has been made we will return to fit the mirror.

When choosing a mirror please consider the following points:

Clean Cut Edges

These edges are very sharp and should be handled with great care using gloves to protect your hands. Mirrors with clean cut edges are used mainly where a mirror is to be framed and the edges are to be hidden.

Polished Edges

These edges are machine finished and leave a really nice slightly angled edge. This type of edge is suitable for frameless mirrors. There is no sharpness to the edges and are safer to handle than clean cut edges.

Bevelled Edges

This type of edge are also machine finished and provide a stylish border to your mirror. Fashions come and go but bevelled edge mirrors are always in demand. We have many examples in our Cleckheaton Factory, why don’t you call in and have a look?

Safety Backing

This is a very strong plastic film that is applied to the back of a mirror. In the event of breakage the plastic film will hold the broken pieces together. We recommend this addition to your mirror if it is to be fixed in a public place or where children have access to the room where the mirror is fixed.

Fixing Your Mirror

We can provide you with three ways of fixing your frameless mirror to a wall, which are:

When bonding your mirror to the wall you must use a Mirror Glue as silicones and nail free glues will attack the silvering on the back of your mirror. Where the mirror will be a ‘floating mirror’ temporary support must be provided for 24 hours until the glue has set. The advantages of using mirror glue are, the mirror is easier to fit and there are no fixings on display. The disadvantage is that the mirror when bonded to the wall is permanent, as removal will likely result in the mirror being broken. We can provide you with the mirror glue on request.

Screw Fixing
Our mirrors can be supplied with holes for you to screw your mirror to the wall. We can also supply you with the chrome dome screws. There is a small extra charge for drilling the holes and providing the screws.

Mirror Clips
These clips require fixing to the wall. There are a number of different types but mainly they have a chrome tab that fits around the mirror edge holding it in place. We can provide you with mirror clips for a small extra charge.

What type of clear glass do we sell?

Please read the list below.

Within the glass industry we use the term ‘float glass’. The word float really means normal clear glass. We stock a large quantity of clear/float glass. This glass is stored in our workshop in very large sheets and can be cut to customer’s own sizes. Clear glass comes is many different thicknesses, but our most popular sizes and their recommended uses are as follows:

  • 2mm is a very thin glass is used for framed pictures and photographs. This glass also has a non-reflective version.
  • 3mm is mainly used in furniture doors etc where there is a need to keep the weight as low as possible.
  • 3mm horticultural glass is a lower grade glass that is suitable for greenhouses, garden sheds and garages. We always have in stock standard size panes 610mm x 610mm and 610mm x 457mm. We also stock larger sheets, which can be cut to your size.
  • 4mm is used as single glazing in windows and for making the majority of Double Glazed units. This glass can be toughened if required.
  • 6mm is primarily used to make glass shelving but can also be used in single and double glazed windows. This glass can also be toughened.
  • 8mm is very strong glass and can be used in shops to make display cabinets, also this glass can be used to make very strong shelving for the home. This glass can also be toughened.
  • 10mm is used to make very strong shelving but is mainly used to make balustrades for internal and external use. This glass can also be toughened.
  • Over 10mm There are other thicknesses of glass over 10mm, which we can supply only to order.

We also stock Laminated Glass, which is considered a safety glass like toughened. Laminated glass comes in various thicknesses, but we generally have in stock 4.4mm and 6.4mm thick. Thicker laminate can be easily acquired by us to suit our customer’s need.

Using the Westgate Glass Measure and Fitting Service?

We have an excellent measure and fit service that has been developed over many years. This measuring service is available to customers who have placed an order with us. However we can still give you an estimate of the costs of supply and/or fitting your glass if you could supply us with the following information:

  • A rough idea of the sizes of the panels, lengths and heights
  • The number of cut-outs for sockets, holes for plumbing etc, for each panel

Once quoted, we can arrange an appointment for our surveyor to visit you and take accurate measurements and give further, on site advice. Once an order has been placed, and a deposit taken we will aim to make and fit your glass as soon as we can.

Before our surveyor can visit you, the room/area that is to be glazed must be complete, i.e. worktops in place, electrics finished and pipe work for plumbing in place. Where you are having kitchen splash backs it is a good idea to have down lights and cupboard pelmets fitted after the glass has been fitted. This will keep the number of cut-outs to a minimum, therefore keeping the costs down, and with the added bonus of a much neater finish.

We know you will be anxious to get your job finished, but the above advice will give you an overall more professional finish. Also our measuring is done to very tight tolerances, so once we have measured there must be no changes to the glazed area before we come back to fit.